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Matty O's Homepage

updated March 10, 1999





               Thank you for clicking on my makeshift page.          

         Hopefully this page will continue to grow as

        soon as I learn what I am doing.  So until

        then I will tell you a little bit about myself

        and my job here at UCTV.




         I am currently the Production Manager for the station.  One year ago I began as an anchor on UCTV News under the steady eye of John Parese.  This past fall, I took over for John as the news director.  I continued to follow in John's footsteps as this winter I was named the prodution manager.  I oversee all the programming that airs on Channel 14.   In addition to overseeing the programming, my newest project is a little show entitled Hail Hale.                                                                   


              in addtion to my duties at UCTV, other activities I am involved in at UConn include intramurals, public address announcer for volleyball, and Hale Five parties.


   Some of my interests include: Husky Hoops, Korn, Mets, The Pub, sneakers on fridays, the hugh s. greer fieldhouse