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General Meeting Notes...

UCTV General Meeting

February 2, 1999

7:30 PM SU 375

Introduction of new executive board

General Manager- Jennifer Ellingwood

Operations Manager- Tim Larkin

Production Manager- Matt O’Brien

News Director- Chuck Johnston

Public Relations Director- Brian Costa

Internal Affairs Director- John McLaughlin

Continuing Education Director- Kristen Mullaney

Programming Director- Ying Liu

Plans for Spring ’99 semester

-Establish new executive position and committee- Sports Director

                                -Floor Feud

                                -Web site

                                -UCTV News

                                -New York Trip

                                -UCTV Semester Surveys

                                -Possible relocation to South Campus

                                -New original programming

                                -Include general membership more

-Prepare for Fall ’99


-General member announcements

-We are currently accepting applications for a Financial Director and Equipment Engineer. If interested, pick up an application at UCTV.

-Next General Meeting- Tuesday, February 23

-New York Field Trip- Wednesday, March 24

-UCTV presents Floor Feud on Wednesday, April 7


UCTV is located at:

46 King Hill Rd.

(past Ted’s and Huskies)