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General Meeting
February 23, 1999
7:30 p.m.  SU 375

I. Executive Board Reports
    General Manager:  Jen Ellingwood                                  Public Relations Director:  Brian Costa
     Operations Manager:  Tim Larkin                                  Internal Affairs Director:  John McLaughlin
     Production Manager:  Matt O'Brien                                Continuing-Education:   Kristen Mullaney
     Financial Manager:  Joe Kingsley                                     Programming Director:  Ying Liu
     News Director:  Chuck Johnston                                      Equipment Manager:  Sue Mourino


II. General UCTV Announcements and Plans

    -New Executive Board Members
    -UCTV Webpage
    -Relocation to South- update
       -News and Chuck Reporting
       -Hail Hale
       -Your own programming
    -Sports Director and committee
       -Pick up application
       -Position will not offically begin until Fall, 1999
       -Ideas needed for committee!
    -Next General Meeting:  Tuesday, March 30
                                                  7:30 p.m.  SU 375


UCTV is located at:
46 King Hill Rd.
(Past Ted's and Huskies)