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Welcome to UCTV14 Online

Want to learn more about UCTV?  Maybe want to know when our next General meeting is?  Or are you interested in participating on one of our next filming events.  Then Sign up for the UCTV news list.  Benefits include E-mail updates of all UCTV Functions, a way to get in touch with all of our members so you can work with other students interested in working together on filming with you.  You also get access to the UCTV Calendar, UCTV Online Surveys, and a chat room.  So register for UCTV Online courtesy of eGroups.  Your membership is completely free, so just type in your address below.

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Well the semester is quickly coming to a close here at UCTV and we would just like to thank everyone who helped to make this semester such a big success.  Stay tuned for upcoming info on next semesters plans.

Interested in having UCTV cover one of your events?  Click here to find out how!

If you're interested in getting trained or starting your own show at UCTV send us an E-mail or call us at 486-1000.

What's on UCTV today?

For information call UCTV at (860) 486-1000 or E-mail us at or click here.

UCTV Fax Number: (860)486-1217 

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